Field Vendors Application

          40th Deposit Lumberjack Festival

     PO Box 282, Deposit, NY 13754

                                                                                                                  July 15, 16th & 17th, 2016
                                                                                                               Application for Field Vending





Description of all merchandise to be sold_____________________________________________________________________



 For this year’s festival your booth space will be free of charge.  We are asking for a deposit to secure your         space.  Your deposit will be fully refunded to you upon set-up at the festival.  Donations are always welcome!

#__________  $50.00 Per RV for camping for weekend                                                                      ________________

 #___________ 10x10 space $25.00 Deposit                                                                                           ________________

 #__________  10x20  space $50.00 Deposit                                                                                           ________________

 #___________  20x20 space $50.00 Deposit                                                                                           ________________


Applications must be returned by June 15st 2016 via mail or email; or .

Check list of items that MUST be returned with application:

         1.  Check

2.   Photo of Display (new vendor)

3.   Signed contract (page 2)

4.   Proof of ID #

Set up hours are anytime Thursday

**Vendors are required to stay ALL 3 DAYS of the festival. Please be prepared for any weather situation.  The festival goes on rain or shine. Please stay open for business at least until 10:00 pm. The festival officially ends at 6:00pm on Sunday. No one will be allowed to close down or remove items before that time.

Do you need electric? YES______  NO_______

Specify the electric amperage needed_____________

Contact Info: Luke Tucker  607-222-9412

Deposit Lumberjack Festival Inc.

 P.O. Box 282, Deposit, NY 13754


Show Location: Fireman's Field, Deposit, NY the Lumberjack Committee retains the right to ask for the removal of objects which, in their judgement are objectionable, or harmful, without refund. Exhibitors must be present to sell their goods. All vehicles will be parked in the general parking area. It is your responsibility to collect NYS Sales Tax. State Tax Certificates must be displayed. Your application will be considered a firm commitment to attend. Each exhibitor is responsible for his or her persons and dependent persons and his or her own goods and possessions at all times. The Lumberjack Committee, its agents, employees, and officers shall not be held liable for failure to perform or fulfill its contractual obligation provided such failure is caused, occasioned, or furthered by closures of site locations due to any caused or causes beyond its control. The Lumberjack Committee shall not be held liable for damages to exhibitors wares or personal property or for loss or injury caused by products sold or exhibited by exhibitors directly or through warranty express or implied. Insurance for such loss damages or injury shall be the sole responsibility for each exhibitor at their own cost. ABSOLUTELY NO PETS OR INTOXICANTS OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED ON THE GROUNDS!!! All vehicles must be removed from the show area one (1) hour before the park opens daily. After the park is open absolutely no vehicles may enter the show area while the public is present. All sales are limited to your booth area. The Festival does not allow the sale of "stink bombs", swords or knives and the board reserves the right to restrict the sale of any other items deemed unsafe or offensive. Cigarette lighter sales will be restricted to persons 18 years and older. Lighters shall be displayed in a secure display such as a glass case. These items will be monitored by festival staff and any infraction will result in dismissal from grounds without refunds of any kind. All festival policies in place at this time will apply. Failure to comply with the rules will result in removal from the grounds and effect future applications!


Signature of Applicant: ________________________________________Date:____________