History of The Festival

Deposit Lumberjack Festival was started in 1976, a committee was formed to plan the biggest celebration the community of Deposit ever had, in honor of the Bi-Centennial.

The committee had a large slate of events scheduled for the three-day festival, which then and still is always the third weekend in July.

Friday night would kick the festival off with a parade, it was planned to be the largest parade in the history of Deposit. They had 25 floats, 17 marching units and 7 bands to add to the total of approximately 70 units in all.

They had a Bi-Centennial Ball, Historical House tours, all sorts of Lumberjack contests like log rolling, speed chopping, speed saw, contests were held at the Deposit Elementary School. They also had music and Drama programs, Arts and Crafts Demonstrations, Quilting, plenty of food vendors through out the town and many old-fashioned games. They even had midgets league mother/daughter and father/son softball games. They also had a Lumber Jill contest, which is where a high school girl had to have a sponsor, earn points through donations and would have to do community service, all leading up to the festival and the winner would be announced at the festival.

There was one year, 2006, that we didn't have the Lumberjack Festival due to our community and surrounding area being devastated by "The Flood."

Through the years some things have changed such as Sunday being named as Family Day, added to the schedule are lots of activities for children. The location is now at our Firemen's Field, all the activities are held there. Also, there are merchandise and food vendors along with a carnival with rides and games. There is also a Street Craft Fair in town on Saturday with vendors selling all handcrafted items, music and some food.

2014 festivals's name was changed from "Deposit Lumberjack Festival" to Deposit Days Lumberjack Festival"

 2015 festival's name was changed to  "Deposit Days Festival"

If you are in Deposit NY area during the third weekend of July you must join us at the Deposit Days Festival!!