41st Annual Deposit Lumberjack Festival, Inc
Parade Registration Form
July 15 th, 2017
Part 1: GENERAL INFORMATION                                 *Please complete and return by July 1st,2017
FULL NAME OF UNIT:_____________________________________________________________________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS__________________________________________________________________________________
                                             Street                                              City                                               State          Zip Code

CONTACT NAME:____________________________________TELEPHONE (_____)_________________________

Name of Director or Leader:________________________________________________________________________________  

_____ We are unable to participate, but keep us on your mailing list.

_____We do not wish to participate now or in the future

_____We would like to participate in the following category:
____Musical Unit ( Marching Band, musical group, community band, ect.)

____Float or Display Unit (Traditional Float, Commercial Equipment, Reunion Float, etc.)

____Fire department Unit  :    ________Fire Department only   _____ Auxiliary Only      ________Fire Department & Auxiliary  
*Name,Type and Year of Equipment to be in parade_________________________________________________

*Distance traveled to Deposit, NY:_______________________miles

Part 3: Unit Size
Number in Unit:______Vehicles/Equipment_____Personnel____ Animals____________Other___________

When in Parade your Unit covers about:_________feet in length ___________feet in width
Part 4: Description & History
Description or Unit___________________________________________________________________________



Please read Parade rules, Directions and Judging Guidelines.
Any question contact Tess Mahon
Please mail to: Deposit Lumberjack Festival, Inc, PO Box 282, Deposit, NY 13754