Parade Rules

1. No individual or unit will be allowed to take part in the parade without the prior approval of the Parade Committee.

2. Individuals and organizations in the parade are expected to perform courteously, in good taste and with safety in 
    mind at all times during the formation, execution and dismissal of the parade.

3. Marshals assigned for that purpose will control the conduct and movement of the parade. Participants will obey the 
    directions of the Marshals as they relate to the parade. Failure to do so will cause the offending individual or unit to 
    be removed from the parade.

4. All units must be identified so that spectators and the M/C can easily see the name of each unit or it's sponsor.

5. Any organization wishing to enter a float will be responsible for providing the entire float including materials and 

6. There will be no obscene gestures, swearing or lewd conduct by any person who is part of any float or marching unit.
    No drinking of alcholic beverages on any float or any marching unit.

7. Throwing of any objects from the parade will not be allowed. NO firecrackers or discharge of firearms will be allowed.

8.  The parade Marshals will enforce these rules and ensure that everyone is in compliance.

Have fun and enjoy the parade.
Thank You for your understanding and cooperation.